CHO Response to National Post Article

Good morning and happy Friday.  I am happy to see a quick and elegant reply from the College of Homeopaths of Ontario to a recent National Post Article painting Homeopathy in an unfair light.


A Message from the Registrar

You may have seen this article in today’s edition of the National Post.

The College has sent the following Letter to the Editor in response:

Re: A ‘pseudo-science’: Outrage after Ontario government funds college program in homeopathy

In quoting only critics of homeopathy, the Post fails to recognize that millions of people around the world depend on it as a primary (or even exclusive) means of dealing with health concerns. Millions of people – including significant numbers in Ontario – have made informed choices about what works for them.

With patient choice as a key tenet of current health-care strategy at virtually all levels of government, it is imperative to have a framework in place to ensure that patients who choose to consult a homeopath have the same protections and assurances as patients who choose any other regulated health-care provider. It was with this in mind that homeopathy was added to the list of professions worthy of regulation more than ten years ago, culminating in the proclamation of theHomeopathy Act, 2007 in 2015.

With the same public-protection mandate as the other 25 regulatory colleges in the province, the College of Homeopaths of Ontario is charged with ensuring that care is provided safely and ethically in the public interest. The fact that thousands of people choose homeopathy despite having fully funded alternatives available is testament to its value. Adding educational opportunities will ensure that patient choice, access to effective health care, and robust regulation of qualified professionals will continue to benefit Ontarians now and in the future.

College of Homeopaths of Ontario

Basil Ziv | Registrar and CEO

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